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TV Anchor

Bob Beckel

Bob Beckel who is raising his voices about politics and affair is currently of age 64 was born in New York.He was serving as political Pundit in Fox Channel during 2000 and left after getting engaged for CNN.But he couldn't continue and again moved to Fox in 2011, just after a decade to run a popular program The Five.

Bob Beckel who is trying to eradicate drugs abuse and Prostitute in USA from his campaign in Fox news.Prior to join Fox he served as a U.S department of State and was following democracy.

Bob Beckel wife name is Catherine Conover who is renowned Golfer while he has a successful football Career during his university days in Wagner College.Bob Beckel is divorced and isn't married to anyone.He has many scandal spread out in markets and in encyclopedia called Wikipedia and other News Journal.Working very attentively and always showing seriousness in Work is his good quality which prove Bob Beckel devoted to work and no chance of being Fired.

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