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CNN News Anchor| Fredricka Whitfield Biography

Fredricka Whitfield is the daughter of Olympian Mal Whitfield. She was born in May 31, 1965 in America as her nationality is also American. She had a brother whose name is Edward Whitfield. She has already become forty eight years old. She holds a Christian religion. She has a remarkable height of six feet and two inches. She is hardworking as well as laborious girl who has done a great contribution in the field of journalism. She is also known as the awards winning journalist as she has won various awards for the outstanding performance. She is now working for CNN which is one the famous news channel all over the old. Her aim was to become the anchor as well as reporter and she continuously worked for it and finally she is now famous anchor and reporter in industry.

In the year 1983 she completed her school level study from Paint Branch High School which is situated at Burtonsville, Maryland. And again in the year 1987 she has completed her Masters Degree in journalism from the Howard University School of Communication. She used to work as an anchor for campus radio station WHBC while studying in Howard University. She was very hard working and talent student during her school life. She has a aim to become a anchor so she take her mind in only that thing so she became successful in her life.

She began her career working in WPLG-TV which is located at Miami. After working some years in WPLG-TV she left the channel and then started working in channel 8 in Washington but she did not stay for a long period she again shift to WCIV which is situated in South Carolina. After getting experienced by working in this station and TV she got a golden opportunity for working in NBC as a correspondent. While working in NBC she worked as a reporter for the NBC Nightly News she also worked in different shows of NBC channel she even worked as a morning anchor and assignment reporter in The Today Shoes. She worked in NBC from 1995 to 2001. She then leaves the NBC in 2001 and from the year 2002 she stared working in CNN. While working in CNN she has covered a various stories. She has announced the destructive Asian Tsunami which was happening in the December 2002. She was only the anchor who has broken the news of the demise of Ronald Reagan. She also has delivered from the Persian Gulf region at the time of Operational Iraqi Freedom. So she is noted as a challenging and Dearing reporter.

She has awarded with many awards during her life time. She has gain the George Peabody award for live coverage of dead full Hurricane Katrina and Aftermath in 2005 and again in 2005 she was grant by Ebony award for outstanding women in marketing and communications and again in 2007, she got Emmy award for outstanding live coverage of breaking news story.

She has already become forty eight years but she still look young and pretty. She is already married with John Glenn who id the former director of Photography at Atlanta Journal Constitution. She has given birth to the first baby on 2004 and after some years she gave birth to a twin’s one daughter Nola Amanda Glenn and one son Gilbert James Glenn. She is already now the mother of three children. The couples are very happy with their relationship. They both share each other problem and they have a mutual understanding and co operation between them.

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