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Cressida Bonas Biography and Wikipedia

As per the latest news Prince harry is going to celebrate his 29th birthday with her glamorous girlfriend Cressida Bonas. She is a stunning model and loving girlfriend of Prince Harry who is just 23 years of age. She is very rich in her natural beauty and her height and legs suit her very much in any kind of dress. Since she is selected by a royal personality her profile in model market has upgraded. Many people have started taking care of her following with Show proposal. This couple has been dating each other since May last year and has spent several vacations and holidays together. It is believed that Princess Eugenia acted upon brother’s relationships as the key the key and major Role. Media personality has also shared their photo and scandal of kissing and hugging.

She is the student of Leeds University located at West Yorkshire. She is also considered very hardworking and very brilliant in her study. She is blonde and is very popular in today generations. She was born in the year of 1990 from the womb of famous and wealthy woman named Lady Mary Gaye Curzon who is professional a Banker. Her short biography and Wiki feet are enlisted in some of the famous sites like and some blogs.

Hope this couple will be engaged and married in near future loving and sharing happiness with each other.

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