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TV Anchor

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer, a veteran in press media in USA is a award winner TV journalist.She is renowned as the first lady anchor who is associated with magazine 60 minutes.while Paving her professional career through a small news station in Louisville, Kentucky to ABC News's leading program ABC world news, she has come across many working for live stations like CBS, white-house correspondent, prime-time live and 20/20 and others where the task were not easy.She worked there with great courage and enthusiasm for that sake she is in this position currently.

Sometime it is said that Diane Sawyer move into white house press office assisting President Richard Nixon and after the president resign she again started working for CBS news in 1978.Diane Sawyer firstly worked as weather reporting which she left because for her weather is a boring part.

Diane Sawyer was much pretty during her young age and now she don't have children as they married in 1998.Diane Sawyer and her husband Mike Nichols stay together in New York these days.Talking about her religion she is roman catholic and perhaps support republican in politics.

In average Diane Sawyer salary is 12 million dollar and she has a height of 1.75 m tall which suits her best to be a anchor with good legs, feet and hair.Diane sawyer has also got profile in Wikipedia and you can follow twitter and Facebook for email.

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