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TV Anchor

Josh Elliott

GMA diva Josh Elliott married ex-wife Priya Narang who get divorce recently has daughter name Sarina. He is currently 41 years of age and has height about 1.91 m who looks gentleman in television screen as well as in real life.Before joining ABC in 2011,good morning America he used to work for ESPN in program called Sports center assistance with Hannah storm.His childhood was spent mostly in Los Angeles where he studied at Loyola high school and graduated from University of California in English and master of journalism from Colombia university.After then he started working as working as producer in 20th century fox.Most probably he worked for sports related jobs and task for more than six years.

Josh elliott made his great contribution to and Magazine and running more than three programs which showed him a path to Emmy Award in New York in 2005.He is the man of great ability and arts who can even work for long hours and who anchored a live telecast program in ESPN for more than 3 hours.Before getting engaged he also worked as post production and comedy arrangement in movies and theater.

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