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Kat Cole biography

Cinnabon is a top class bakery company operating its franchise in more than seventy countries. The company is very profitable and well known and its thanks go to Kat Cole. She has brought a twist in Cinnabon Inc. thorough her past ideas, skills and knowledge. She is the graduate student of University of Florida who has passed her MBA degree via Robinson College of Business.

She has a very difficult starting phase of her career as she has worked as Waitress in Hooters (American Fast food chain) in Jacksonville. She even has to drop her graduation in sake of her career. But later, she accomplished her MBA. She is currently of age 34 and has lead the global business.

She is young, dashing and beautiful personality and is respected everywhere because of her intelligence, charm and positive attitude. Her employees are always in her parts.

She has been elected as a president of Cinnabon since January 2011. Prior to her current position she was a vice president of training and development of Hooters. Being equipped with the skills like leadership, communication, restaurant operations, service and organizational brands she has set a profitable company.

She was born in Lichtenfels, Germany and has set her career from United States. Information details shows that she is not married to any husband nor has she been clicked with any boyfriend. Regarding her salary we might assume very high as her post and skills. She might lead a company to cliff increasing her net worth every year.

Her biography is not mentioned and well written in Wikipedia and her profile related sites.

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