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Maria Bartiromo Scandal

Maria bartiromo who married to husband Jonathan Steinberg 1999, ceo if investment firm in USA scandal about affair, divorce was highlighted in media which were all fake according to her private source. A Brooklyn born American TV journalist, books author graduated from New York University.

Before Cnbc she worked for Cnn for more than five years and collected lots of experience. Now she hosts a popular program called The Wall Street Journal Report and Closing Bell which mostly deal with financial traders and stakeholders. She is the first lady who hosts live programs from New York stock exchange.Her career in financial comentry begins in 1990 where at that time she was nick named as money honey and signed her contract with Cnbc in 2008.

Maria Bartiromo won different broadcasting awards, Emmy awards, Gracie awards etc who attended a session on economic forum meeting also her husband is a chief of wisdom tree investments,USA.

Besides news she has featured a Hollywood movie with Micheal Douglas in wall street money never sleeps series two.

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