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TV Anchor

Meteorologist Maria Molina

 A very intelligent and interesting Maria Molina just turned 25 this year standing as the youngest TV spokesperson for Fox news channel. Though she belongs to Nicaragua (Latin) by ethnicity, her most of her childhood and teen years was passed in Florida. Being a graduate in Meteorology from renowned Florida State University it was very difficult for her to engage in work because of the recession broke out during the days in 2008. She is a certified meteorologist in America who is well acquainted with public figures and fans.

Her dreams to become a meteorologist came into mind as she came across changing climatic conditions of Florida when she was a little baby of five years. Because of her passion and interest she is becoming successful to leave behind many TV news anchors. She is always a charming, good looking and beautiful profile who has already worked as trainee for sister news organization such as: WTVJ-TV in Florida, WAVY-TV in Virginia whose broadcasting career begun from the cable house in Tallahassee.

Despite she resides these days in New York City she has a love and affection with people and culture, traditions and customs of her birthplace in Nicaragua. She knows how to speak English and also good Spanish speakers as well. She has a very busy schedule as she is working for Fox News Channel from October 2010 as well as studying at Colombia University.

A dedicated Fox news weather reporter has good relationships with her co-workers and employers. Her style of working is pretty excellent and loving representing as a sample. She loves to hang around with friends when not busy. She has a Little Puppy to take care during her leisure and loves eating Pizza.

A young and dashing personality is five feet in height who is fond of playing baseball with her father. Her popularity is increasing day by day within United States and outside because of her efforts she applied. She must be praised as she is managing her work and study together establishing herself a genius in Math, science and Calculus. So other lady of her home country should follow her concepts, hard work and determination in order to achieve a target or career.

Nowadays she is standing as a role model and woman to be highlighted. Anyone who is interested to meet her of see can like her page on Facebook or tweet her account on Twitter as @FoxMariaMolina.

If u wants to see her program then u must be watching Fox news Channel on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 5:00 am till Noon EST. With her continuous research and findings like Hurricane Andrew and Smaller storm and study of quickly changing weather conditions in America she has been a perfect forecaster in her early age. These days people started consulting to Maria before leaving to anywhere because of her technique in forecasting.

Regarding her personal life she is not married to anyone till the date. But some scandals are hitting the market about her boyfriends which may not be true in sense. She might have thought of getting a husband with a quality like handsome, wise, bold which inspires her to fulfill all desire in life. Wishing her lots of luck and god might favor her always.

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