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Meterologist Mike Bettes

A Meteorologist by occupation on weather channel Mike Bettes is now of age 38 and he became successful to win Emmy-award for his series of Tornado chasing on plains.He was born native from Tallmade, Ohio and has done B.S in Atmospheric science from Ohio State University.Mike bettes love surfing internet most preferably Facebook and Twitter also he like running marathon and watching college football. Listenning to music is his all time favorite activities because he love Rock and Roll, jazz and new age Folk.

Mike Bettes has a passion of becoming weather channel reporter since his childhood be seeing of local weatherman Dick Goddard who present on TV about the Falling of snow in Ohio during their childhood. He has a sister too.By,seeing him everyday he couldn't control his goal to became a person like him.Finally Mike Bettes completed B.S in Atmospheric science from Ohio State University.

After a graduation he started working for WSYS-TV in Columbus, chief reporter in WLOS-TV in Asheville, NC also a Weekend meterologist at WKEF in Dayton,OH.And then he joined Weather channnel in 2003 working as a on-camera anchor.In his Area of work,he almost covered all type of far-reaching climatic condition from rain, flood, hurricane that occurred in past years in many of the cities like Storm in Oklahoma, Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Mike Bettes is now 38 of age and still a bachelor and not married.He is the TV celebrity who is a person to be searched in Google, Wikipedia, and other Networking site.He is just keeping his other personal life secret and there is no any information located that this typhoon has a girlfriend.Mike Bettes always celebrate his birthday every year with great joy and pleasure.

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