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TV Anchor

Michele Tafoya

A famous TV sports icon who took birth in Manhattan beach, California is a hard working and devoted reporter of NBC sports airing Sunday Night football.Michele Tafoya belongs to Armenian ethnicity.Before engaging with NBC team she used to work for power news house of the nation like ABC and ESPN where she hosted Monday Night Football.During her days in ABC and ESPN she get a chance to presents a news regarding College football league like NFL, Basketball league NBA and many other sporting games reporting and activities.With a boost up in her career in 2000 she worked as media journalist since 1994 and is continuing her jobs till today.She is the award winning personality and quite famous than other sports reporters in USA.

She is the greater source of inspiration to Californian girls as she was born in California she is a American by birth and also the nationality.Michele Tafoya currently lives in Minnesota with her family.Her great achievement as anchor she is earning a good salary and life style because she is a experienced woman for about two decades in same profession.

Talking about the real height of Michele Tafoya she is 1.75 m tall, fabulous and elegant lady.She has a perfectly made feet and legs which is also her ornaments in real life.Because of her incarnated beauty many rumors broke out in media market about her affairs which ultimately might affects her growing popularity and career.As she is a bold woman so she fight out against unnecessary news and gossips regarding her work life and personality.

Michele Tafoya is a married woman and is a mother of a child.As she was pregnant during 2005 and her health was also good during the time giving birth to healthy baby.Her husband name is Mark Vandersall who is a Financial adviser in Edina.

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