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Rudi Bakhtiar CNN

Previously a general correspondent at fox news Rudi Bakhtiar is now a anchor for CNN Headline News Tonight.She has been serving media and journalism since 10 years also worked as a director of international campaign of Human Rights in Iran as well as a senior advisor in Voice of America.

Rudi Bakhtiar has no affair or boyfriend and is not married till age of 46 years.She is the graduate of University of California in biology and later she studied architecture in Harvard school of design. Rudi bakhtiar is a Iranian migrants to America, by the age of two she with her family moved to USA during Iranian Revolution.Her father died in 2005 and has Younger brother and younger sister. Rudi bakhtiar is of Iranian ethnicity but American by nationality.

Rudi Bakhtiar has a perfect legs and and beautiful feet which shows her beautiful mixology in Television screen and with her good-looking body and amazing skills of news reading, she became successful female anchor of CNN to collect thousand of fans in social media, wiki, and YouTube.

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