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Sergey Brin family and his personal life

Sergey Brin a renowned professional engineer,computer scientist and a young entrepreneur was born on August 21,1973 in Moscow from her mother womb Eugenia.His father was a soviet mathematician Brin. When he was of age six his Family migrated to United states of america due to Jewish religious sufferings.Thirty nine years old Russian Nationality is the Doctorates in Computer science. He is also considered as the great Mathematician.He got his undergraduate degree from University of Maryland and later PHD from Stanford University.

He married to Anne Wojcicki who is Bio-tech analyst. Brin and his wife run The Brin Wojcicki Foundation working for health sector and gene and genetics.They love each other and living happily in their home in Los Altos,California.

Larry page has also studied with Sergey brin at Stanford University Stanford University as they became a good friends of that time and had a project on knowledge discovery in database.After their experiment they successfully created search engine and gave a mathematical term Googol as its name which means 1 followed by 1000 of zero.

After the creation of search engine at Stanford and its popularity this two soul mates professionally started working together investing around 1 millions dollar in the year 1998 which brought a greatest invention of Google search engine which is the world's most popular search Engine.It has made the people's job easy and made a drastic change in life standard of people. At this period they are the richest celebrity in the world of internet and still working as co founder in Google incorporation.

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