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Vinnie Politan Attorney

Vinnie Politan American attorney who is also a journalist was born in 1975 and was raised in New Jersey and he spent his childhood over there by visiting natural as well as artificial places. His father was a judge and brother was Corporate Attorney because of his family business he was much sharper in finding or investigating wrongdoing and provides justice for suffering. He owed a legal firm in New Jersey and settled disputes regarding criminal defense, charge of labor, intellectual property and many others. His childhood was very awesome and was full of fun and entertainment. He is the worker at HLN in the past but now he left HLN and he joined NBC affiliate which is located in Atlanta.

He become graduate in 1983 from West Orange High School which basically lies on West Orange, New jersey, he completed his high school graduation from the School of his own home town but for his further graduation he went to Stanford University where got AB in communication, he was a good player and was a captain of school basketball team. After completing his graduation he started to be engaged in Bergen country as an assistant prosecutor. He joined morning broadcast of NBC Affiliate WXIA 11 Alive in Atlanta and started anchoring for the morning weekday news. He was fired from HLN because of their internal disputes and misunderstanding.

His broadcasting career started from a small cable TV network in New in New Jersey from where he shifted to central Florida news 13. Earlier he hosted a radio program called Sirius XM radio hosting two different programs Me and Vinnie. Also he was highlighted because of his legal education and experience he too worked as a correspondent at Court TV, currently called as tru TV network. His most important news coverage till now is Michael Jackson was not guilty, trials of Robert Blake and Lindsay Lohan to Casey Anthony. During a presidency election he covered both republican and democratic conventions. He was very skilled full and talented worker of the organization. He always used to carry out his work properly.

Vinnie Politan is spending his leisure time with his married wife. Even though he is busy he used to give a time to his family and kids and sometime he even celebrates his birthday party. His biography is available in wiki and in His fans can follow him in Twitter and to learn more about him his interested fans can visit his facebook profile for personal detail. Till now he has worked with full interest and labor so he is appreciated with awards and medals. He is the co founder of Ultimate Sports Association basketball league because he is also a fan of basketball and he enjoys playing it. Politan even work for Channel 10 News as a reporter and anchor. He used to cover legal stories, general news and so on.

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