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Who is Chris Jansing?

Chris Jansing a residence of Ohio, America is a gentle lady with white ethnicity.She was born in January 30, 1957.She has been working as anchor for more than 25 years who is 56 by age in this present year 2013.while at college in Otterbien she was very fast forward in learning because of what she proved herself as a famous anchor of MSNBC.

Chris Jansing used to work for WNYT-TV based on New York for several of years keeping her reputation and value higher.While working there she won social title as well as Emmy award for her best performance and contribution.After a success in local TV station she engaged herself in NBC news in 1998 raising her status higher and stronger.During the days she aired a major events and news activities locally as well as internationally.Also, Jansing got a chance to expand her popularity covering a news relating to head of the states and public figures.Chris Jansing is recently airing "Jansing and company" in popular cable news channel called MSNBC.

Professionally Chris Jansing is a news personality in MSNBC and is married with Robert Jansing who is a chemist by profession.However after some years of marriage, Chris couldn't cope up with her husband Robert Jansing. Because of their problem staying together this couple finally got divorce and separated. Though Chris and Roberts couldn't stay forever but Surname Jansing is always remained and added, as her original name was Chris Kapostasy.

Chris Jansing is a beautiful woman with a pair of stunning legs and height of 5 feet and six inches who always consider hair, eye and mouth as a great assets.


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