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Who is Se Cupp?

Se Cupp is a professional TV personality, legal advisor, and political pundit belonging to American nationality and white ethnicity. She holds the post graduate of degree in Arts from New York University. Besides reporting and commentating she is also a books writer. Losing our Religion is one of her best successful book ever in her history. Se Cupp does not believe in religion and is atheist.

Se Cupp was raised in the district of California and her professional career started in 2002 from the famous newspaper The New York Times as professional writer. Her writing started to became popular day by day and got printed in major newspaper from where she collected her numbers of fans and rose to popularity. Being a columnist she always rose voice for the gay marriage legalization.

Se Cupp is currently dating a boyfriend name John Goodwin and and already engaged in relationships in the year 2012.Se Cupp might get married with a guy and accept him as husband to whom she is in affair. She is considered as the famous wiki icon throughout USA.

Currently she is 34 years old in age which is very young. she  possesses 1.80 m of height.Being a anchor she has long legs and feet whihch has increased her personality. She is a beauty gifted by god to the nature.

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