A Guide To 80 Different Hotel Types

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Hotels come in all shapes and sizes to suit different travelers' needs and tastes. Knowing this range helps you pick the right place to stay.

Hospitality offers more than just fancy resorts or cheap motels. Each type of hotel offers its own culture, amenities, and atmosphere.

Whether you seek luxury or affordability, bustling city vibes, or countryside retreats, there's a perfect lodging option waiting for you. Understanding the hotel types: from boutique hotels to expansive chains—can greatly enhance your travel experience.

Full-Service Hotels

A Full-Service Hotel is basically a hotel that offers a wide variety of services to their customers. These hospitality options come in many tiers of pricing, and are described below:

1. Chain Hotel

Chain Hotels, or "Branded Hotels" are part of a larger brand that offers standardized services and amenities across their various venues.

2. Independent Hotel

Simply put, an Independent Hotel is the opposite of a Chain Hotel because it is owned independently, without the backing of a larger brand. These often offer unique experiences tailored to the local culture.

3. Luxury

As the name suggests, these hotels are luxurious and only offer the best of the best when it comes to service, amenities, and everything in between.

4. Upper Upscale

Upper Upscale is like Luxury Hotels but with a slightly lower price tag and is usually geared towards travelers who prefer luxury but without extravagance.

5. Upscale

Upscale Hotels are for those travelers who want quality accommodation with enhanced amenities and services but are more geared towards comfort and convenience, rather than pomp.

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6. Airports Hotel

Airport hotels provide convenient accommodations for travelers in transit, offering proximity to terminals and amenities to the needs of those with tight schedules.

7. Upper Midscale

Upper Midscale Hotels are mid-range hotels but with additional amenities, usually geared towards frequent travelers. 

8. Midscale

Midscale Hotels provides basic yet comfortable accommodations with standard amenities for the budget-conscious traveler.

9. Economy

These hotels provide no-frills accommodation at a low price and are usually found in rural, suburban, or airport areas.

10. Standard Hotel

As the name suggests, Standard Hotels is what comes to mind when we picture a hotel. They provide the basic services and amenities.

11. Comfort Hotel

Another hotel type that lives up to its name, Comfort Hotels shoots for coziness over everything else to meet their guests' needs.

12. First Class Hotel

First Class Hotels are usually four-star hotels that offer premium services and amenities and are located in prime locations.

13. Conference Hotel

Conference Hotels are specifically equipped with facilities for hosting meetings, events, and of course, conferences.

Boutique Hotels

A Boutique Hotel is less a type of hotel and more a curated experience that has its own one-of-a-kind charm. What this means is that Boutique Hotels usually have a theme they stick to, and aim to provide a memorable impression through this distinct approach.

14. Adventure Boutique

An Adventure Boutique is usually located in unique destinations that seek to evoke a sense of adventure and excitement.

15. Boutique at Sea

As its name suggests, this type of Boutique Hotels takes place on cruise ships. However, compared to standard cruise ships, Boutique cruise lines have a smaller number of rooms per ship.

16. Branded Boutique

Branded Boutique is the result of chain hotels like the Marriott and Hilton attempting to develop their own boutique collections that each have their own distinct qualities.

17. Residential Boutique

Also called a serviced apartment, this Boutique Hotel is meant to accommodate long-term stays but coupled with the benefit of luxury services and amenities.

18. Boutique B&B

Another twist of an existing classic, Boutique B&Bs are basically regular B&Bs but more than 10 times the amenities and luxury.

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19. Historic Boutique

Historic Boutiques are Boutique Hotels that have been adapted from a historic landmark or have traces of that landmark in or on it.

20. Micro Boutique

With an eye toward minimalism, Micro Boutiques are designed to discourage guests from spending too much time in the room and edge them to go out and explore.

21. The Concept Boutique

The Concept Boutique completely lives up to the sheer concept of boutiques by being built around a particular experience or lifestyle.

22. Hipster Boutique

Hipster Boutique hotels are designed with an eye towards a particular experience or event such as festivals or local parties.

23. Classic Boutique

Classic Boutiques aim to emulate the residential neighborhoods or wherever they are located.

Budget-Friendly Hotels

Budget-Friendly Hotels are simply those sorts of hotels are that geared toward budget-conscious or frequent travelers.

24. Motels

Also known as motor hotels, Motels were originally designed for motorists, and are now designed for anyone who is travelling on land. As such, they're situated right alongside highways.

25. Hostels

These are budget-friendly accommodations that usually have shared rooms and communal facilities for either solo travelers or small groups.

26. Bunkhouses

Similar to hotels, Bunkhouses have shared rooms, but in a dormitory style, meaning bunk beds.

27. Air B&Bs

Air B&Bs are private accommodations that have been rented out by the hosts, which can range from spare rooms or rooms to even entire homes.

28. Budget Hotel Chains

Budget Hotel Chains are similar to chain hotels in that a large company owns them but, as the name suggests, are cheaper.

29. Guesthouses

Guesthouses are a cozier version of motels and inns and are usually family-run which adds a personal touch and a homely atmosphere.

30. Vacation Rentals

These are private properties that can be rented out for the short-term and can range from apartments to villas.

31. Campgrounds

Campgrounds are outdoor sites for either tent or even RV camping, which is geared toward those who want to explore the outdoors.

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32. Inexpensive Cabins

Rustic cabins in rural areas are rented out with minimal amenities provided.

33. Holiday Park

Holiday Park is a group of mobile homes or cottages that have a communal feel to it, as well as amenities to match.

Star Ratings

Star ratings are assigned to hotels to give travelers information on the level of quality at any given hotel. They are as follows:

34. 1-Star Hotel

A 1-star rating means that it is a hotel with basic amenities, perhaps shared bathrooms, and generally no dining options.

35. 2-Star Hotel

A 2-star rating means it is a hotel with basic amenities and a more elevated decor than 1-star hotels, as well as breakfast and/or public areas.

36. 3-Star Hotel

From a 3-star rating onwards, hotels are full-service, with a restaurant, front desk, and housekeeping service.

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37. 4-Star Hotel

This is an upscale hotel with on-site dining, premium amenities, and its own signature look, feel, and ambiance.

38. 5-Star Hotel

A 5-star rating means a hotel is a truly luxurious experience, delivering personalized service, high-end dining venues, and elegant design.

39. 7-Star Hotel

Though a 7-star rating does not officially exist, a few of these have been given out to destination hotels in Dubai and Fiji for providing over-the-top amenities.

Resort Hotels

Resorts differentiate themselves from hotels because they are frequented for a particular purpose, meaning people visit them not only for the establishment itself but for what's around it. Here are some types:

40. Beach Resort

These resorts are situated along coastal areas, often with direct access to beaches and water activities like swimming, surfing, snorkeling, etc.

41. Golf Resort

Designed around golf courses, these resorts provide access to amazing greens and facilities for enthusiasts of the sport,

42. Ski Resort

Situated in the mountainous region with ski slopes and winter amenities galore, Ski resorts are perfect for not just skiing, but also snowboarding and snowshoeing.

43. Tennis Resort

Another sports-oriented resort, this one is catered to tennis enthusiasts and has courts, coaching, and even tournaments.

44. Mountain Resort

Providing scenic views of amazing mountain landscapes, these resorts also offer outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, and more.

45. Island Resort

These resorts are usually found on secluded islands and provide not just access to stunning beaches and water-based activities, but also privacy.

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46. Lake Resort

Lake Resorts are positioned near lakeshores and offer watersports more geared towards lakes, as well as serene lake views.

47. Desert Resort

Located amidst arid landscapes, these resorts offer a truly unique experience containing camel rides, desert safaris, and more.

48. Historic Resort

These resorts are usually housed in restored historic buildings that give you a chance to blend heritage with modern comforts.

49. Seaside Resort

Seaside Resorts are different than beach resorts as while the latter is focused on access to the beach, the former is focused more on offering panoramic ocean views.

Niche Hotel Types

If you are looking for something specific for your travel journey, then take a look at these niche hotels:

50. Bed and Breakfast

Also known as B&Bs, these are intimate accommodations that offer lodging and breakfast in residential settings.

51. Tourist Hotel

These hotels are specifically designed with tourists in mind and are usually located near local attractions.

52. Casino Hotel

Often integrated with a casino, these hotels provide gambling options alongside lodging, dining, and even entertainment.

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53. Eco Hotel

Eco Hotels are environmentally sustainable properties that utilize eco-friendly practices in design and operations, as well as amenities.

54. Family Hotel

Tailored exclusively towards families, they provide spacious rooms, kid-friendly services, and activities for all ages.

55. Gastro Hotel

With a name derived from gastronomy, these hotels revolve around offering culinary experiences like cooking classes and gourmet dining.

56. Heritage Hotel

Heritage Hotels are housed in culturally significant locations, or even in historic buildings, with an eye towards preserving and showcasing local heritage.

57. Microstay Hotel

Catering towards short-term stays and often offering hourly rates for quick rests.

58. Skyscraper Hotel

As the name suggests, these hotels are usually situated in skyscrapers and offer expansive views of cities with luxurious amenities.

59. Spa Hotel

Spa Hotels specialize in relaxation and wellness by offering spa treatments, yoga classes, and other health-focused amenities.

60. Wine Hotel

This niche hotel type provides and immersive experience that is centered around wine that features vineyard tours, wine tasting, and other themed accommodations revolving around viticulture.

Extended-Stay Hotels

Extended-stay hotels are meant for a longer visit and are usually accommodating of such stays. Here are some types:

61. Suite hotels

These accommodations usually feature spacious suites with separate living and sleeping areas, ideal for longer stays.

62. Apartment hotels

Apartment hotels combine hotel amenities with an apartment-style layout, such as featuring a kitchenette or even full kitchens.

63. Corporate Housing

Furnished apartments rented out for longer durations are usually utilized by business travelers.

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64. Serviced apartments

These are fully furnished apartments with hotel-like services such as concierge and housekeeping.

65. Extended-stay motels

Motels that provide amenities, like kitchenettes and laundry facilities, suited for extended stays are called Extended-stay Motels.

66. Condo hotels

Condo Hotels are residential properties with units available for short-term rentals while offering hotel-like services.

67. All-suite hotels

Hotels that exclusively offer suite-style accommodations are called all-suite hotels.

68. Long-stay hostels

Hostels that specifically cater to guests staying for extended periods, featuring communal spaces.

69. Vacation rentals with extended-stay options

These are private residences available for short-term rentals, and discounts for longer stays.

70. Residential hotels

Providing hotel-like services, these properties offer long-term accommodations for individuals seeking a home-like environment.

Unique Hotel Concepts

These unique hotel concepts are sure to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. Take a look:

71. Boatel

As its fun name suggests, Boatels are floating accommodations that offer rooms, much like a hotel, except it is on a boat.

72. Capsule Hotel

Features compact sleeping pods that are stacked in rows, and are usually found in densely populated cities for budget travelers.

73. Castle Hotel

Simply put, these are hotels that are situated in historic castles that offer guests a glimpse into the location's past.

74. Hotelship

Like Boatels, Hotelships are floating hotels, except they're aboard ships or cruises rather than boats.

75. Hotel Barge

Hotel Barges are narrowboats that have been converted to cozy accommodations that journey along canals and waterways.

76. Pop-Up Hotel

These are temporary accommodations that are usually set up for events or festivals, providing comfort and convenience in unconventional locations.

77. Rotel

Rotels are mobile hotels on wheels, usually in the form of buses or trucks.

78. Underwater Hotel

Underwater hotels are submerged accommodations that offer unique views of marine life, providing a one-of-a-kind experience.

79. Yurt

Yurts are a sort of circular tent with wooden frames that give off a rustic experience as well as cozy accommodations in a natural setting.

80. Farm Stay

Farm stays are, true to their name, located on working farms, and allow guests to experience rural life and participate in farm activities